Thursday, February 19, 2009

We are family

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts.
~Author Unknown

I think this author could've been me; this fits my family like a glove. I love my family so much. We are very unique, yet held together by bonds stronger than we think we could have. However, we are weird. At least, we do weird things.

The person that started it all is my dad. He likes to have fun with his kids. For as long as I can remember, he has made me laugh. He made up songs for all four of us and would sing them when we went to bed. Some of the things he does aren't so cute. He loves to make fun of songs. He makes up little ditties, or makes up new words to songs. Most of the times they make everyone laugh. There are the occasional songs I like that my dad has tried to ruin, though.
My dad does other funny things. He sometimes uses funny voices to add a new 'depth' to the conversation. Those voices can mimic movie characters, like Forrest Gump, or just make up some hilarious accent.

My mom is a little nutty, but she is mild compared to the rest of the family. Her children bore the brunt of this strangeness. My siblings and I have started coming up with our own songs, making up family inside jokes, and yes, the occasional voices.

I can't really explain all that makes us a little nutty. When we all sit down for dinner, we are normally there for a while because of our conversations. We talk about funny stories, add movie quotes throughout the conversations, and laugh. We laugh so often. Beverages have been spewed regularly, probably on a weekly average as a result of this laughter. We randomly burst into song. These are a couple examples of what we do in our house.

Even though we are all silly, these little things express our love for one another. One example would be when I was younger. My parents would occasionally come into my room when I was waking up, and sing a wake up song. This was incredibly irritating to me since I like to wake up on my own. But, I know that they were just having fun and loving me through my grouchiness.

My family shows our love through the little things, as well as the big. My family has been there for each other through dead pets, bad grades, lost friendships, basketball games, and more. My family is more than just family; they are friends. I don't know many people who just open up to their parents over everything. I don't know many siblings who enjoy hanging out.

Now it's out there. These are just a few of the not-so-normal things we do. We love each other more because of these strange habits. Now it's up to you. Think through your family activities when you were growing up. Did you do things that were abnormal? I like to think that every family does fun stuff. But I've gotten the impression that my family goes above and beyond normal. We have some 'nuts'. The question I now pose is: Are these things truly weird?

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  1. No, its not weird at all, they are what make up you and your family. Your family are the people in the world that are most like you. Most of the time your brothers, sisters, and parents are the ones you took up to the most, the ones you strive to be like when you "get older". I hear that I act like my mom all the time, not to mention that we look so much a like.
    There are things in every sibling that we earn to be like. For instance, I hope to someday be the mother my mom is, the athlete my dad was, as funny as my brother is, and smart as my other brother, as hard working as my older sister, and as easy going as my other sister. It is not hard to come up with these, they are talents our siblings and parents have that reflect on our family and make up who we are. :)