Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you think before speaking?

"It is better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt." ~Unknown

I have to say that this is a common occurrence with me. I tend to blurt something out and not think about it beforehand. Or I will unintentionally lend credit to the fact that I can be an idiot. I guess it could mostly be because I think through something and ask a question that makes sense to me... but not to anyone else. I call these 'Duh moments'. Either I am saying it about someone else, or others are saying it about me. Let's look at some Duh moments.

Duh moment #1: I was watching tv with my family and we were talking about people's names. Some names are blatantly Dutch, French, English, etc. I was saying how someone's name looked Dutch and my sister said it looked German. I got to thinking where they were geographically. I started thinking about what countries could be around them and I blurted out, "Is Holland still a country?" My dad looked at me, chuckling, and said, "Still a country? Did someone go and take them over?" Translation: "Seriously? Is this really a question worth spending brain power on?"

Duh moment #2: When I am thinking through something, and make the mistake of talking in the midst of this, I misspeak. I tend to pronounce words wrongly. I was at work, and was telling my manager we needed to buy some more oregano for some of our food. Well, I was mixing up some things, and totally mispronounced oregano. It totally sounded like I was trying to say origami with a "n-o" at the end. My manger laughed at me- really hard.

Duh moment #3: My general manager was complaining about a headache and proceeded to tell me the reason. The lid to the dumpster had been blown backwards and was jammed against the wall. She went out to try and pull it free. She crouched beneath the lid, put both hands up to raise up and push it, and started to stand up. Well, her plan didn't work out too well. She popped up really quickly and didn't think to move her hands quick enough. Her head met the lid before her hands, which caused her headache. My co-worker whispered to me later, " How do you do that? How do you not think to move your hands to get there before you head?" Suffice it to say, my manager thought she had a concussion because her headache stayed for a couple days. She asked my co-worker if her pupils were really small. My co-worker said that they didn't look freakishly small, which caused my manager to start to freak out that they were a little small. My co-worker proceeded to tell her that if she had a concussion, then her pupils would be dilated, not smaller. This caused some ease for my manager and cemented the thought that she was not above duh moments.
These are just a couple of duh moments in the past week or two. There have been many times when I've been looked at and I know they are thinking, "Why are you wasting precious oxygen with your prattle?" Oh well. I hope to add humor to other's lives by my entertaining duh moments.


  1. First off, I think I will proofread this comment a few times just to make sure there are no duh moments in it.

    I can’t personally think of any duh moments. I think that’s because I try to forget them!

    Okay, I think I’m missing something in the last example. Granted, I read it kind of fast, but I couldn’t find the duh moment. Maybe I’m just having a duh moment myself… I just can’t find it. Please explain it because it is driving me crazy. I bet it was blatantly obvious, and I’ll be pretty embarrassed… either way, I really want to know what the duh moment is!

  2. I dont often say things i dont mean but it happens from time to time. I am human so im not perfect and it happens. The way i see it were all have moments we dont look to particular smart just because we are not thinking straight. Stress, ignorance, or just not caring would have a big impact on what we say and think in my oppinion. Things happen we look foolish sometimes, life moves on. Thats the way i see it.

  3. I tend to not think before I do things when I really tired or sick. At these times, my friends usually get a good laugh. For example, I was sick the week before spring break and didn't really feel like eating. However my friends knew that I should. One girl tired to give me crackers, and when I wouldn't take them, she put them on my phone. I then responded with, "Hey! You got my phone dirty." They got a good laugh out of that. I'm not really sure if this qualified as a duh moment, but it was kinda funny.

  4. I tend to think to much, which also leads to many wierd moments. I play out an entire scenario in my head before it actually happens and will begin to laugh out loud. Everyone around me is not up to speed at this point making me look slightly dumb for laughing for no reason.

    These all contribute to that social perpelexity. It makes things interesting.

  5. I think these moments are a complete necessity in life because who wants to be thinking hard all time time? I know after a long school week my brain turns to mush. I am an offender of pronouncing words incorrectly, saying things that make no sense, and just blurting stupid things out. My favorite is when someone says "ouch" just because they were surprised and they're really not hurt at all. I've done that quite a few times.