Monday, March 30, 2009

Who said what?

“Whoever gossips to you will gossip of you.”
~Spanish proverb

Ok, I have to admit that this one stepped on my toes. My feet are crushed. I tend to be a little naive about people. I think that if I am doing the right thing, then no one will say anything wrong about me or I will be perfectly respected. WRONG!

I've noticed that people will talk about each other so readily. It shocks me sometimes. I will be in a conversation with Bill and David about something when they start talking about Susan. Two hours later, when David has left, Bill starts talking about David. What is wrong with this picture? I get very confused as to what people's true opinions are. I've been in conversations where very scathing things were said. My reply to them is normally along the lines of asking what they say about me when I'm not around. They very quickly try to assuage my fears by exclaiming how much they love me and wouldn't say anything about me and all sorts of other nonsense. I think, "Yeah right."

I guess I can't exclude myself from this. It is very easy to get sucked into conversations full of disparaging comments. People can be downright brutal in their comments. My reply to this is to try to change the subject or bring up good points about this person. You are going to be irritated by other people and want to share it with your friends. But, you have a choice. You can continue to dwell on it and share it with more people to make the other person look bad, or come to terms with it, apologize to the other person if it has harmed their reputation, and move on.

My point in choosing this quote is to re-warn people about those who gossip. You can get in a conversation with another person, but what is stopping them from talking about you? It is very probable that if they are willing to talk about their 'friends', they will be willing to talk about you. There are those who think, "Oh, well I don't have any dirt they can drag up." Good job!

One last point I would like to make is about those gossiping. Do they really think the person listening will keep it to themselves? I've seen so many people whine about things, only to be told on and end up getting in trouble.

I think no one is truly safe. Once you say something, it's out there and can, as my Mom says, "come back and bite ya in the butt". Be careful who is gossiping to you. They just might say stuff about you too.

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  1. I know it's hard to keep your mouth shut when you are around people who just want to gossip. Part of you wants to join in, but you know that you shouldn't. I try to stay out of these situations when I can.

    I know that my roommate was really trusting of some girls at the beginning of the year. They have had a falling out since then. Now they just want to make up stuff about her and cause drama. What she was a part of earlier is now, as you said, "coming back to bite her in the butt."