Friday, March 13, 2009

People= Men and Women

One of the things about equality is not just that you be treated equally to a man, but that you treat yourself equally to the way you treat a man.
~Marlo Thomas

I have to say this is a quote I don't quite agree with. I have had a class that is going over gender and sexism. I will admit quite freely that I am sick to death of women whining about not being equal to men. I want to take this post to disprove some of the pro-feminist arguments.

One of the examples I hear very often is that women are stereotyped. Yes, they are.... but so are men! Have these women ever heard about jocks? Have they thought about stereotypical jobs? Have they thought about when certain words are used, they have a male connotation? Yes there are stereotypes everywhere. Blondes, single mothers, specifically dressed women, and more are so stereotyped. But stereotyping is universal, not specific to one gender.

Another 'problem' against women is how men degrade them. Women are thought of as sex objects. I hate to break it to the feminists, but what is it you are thinking when a really attractive man walks by? Do you not make comments about his muscles, his dreamy smile, or other such comments? Yes, women can be exploited by men. But don't let yourself be! Don't let other people dictate how you dress (provocatively or inappropriately) or getting into unwise situations.

This past year was an election year. I watched how the political feminists were cheering on Hillary Clinton. They were so excited for her to become president, finally have someone in the White House, and women's thoughts to be heard. When Hillary lost, women were crushed and angry. When Sarah Palin came into the picture, I thought everyone will be head over heels in love with this woman. Here is a woman who works in the government, is a well rounded person, is raising a family, and has done a fantastic job in Alaska. I thought this would be their dream come true. WRONG! They couldn't stand her! I was floored! Everything they wanted was being represented in this woman. This goes to prove that feminists don't know what they really want and they change their minds often.

Being a woman, I am ashamed of these ploys to gain power. I have always said that the minority is always the majority. When there is a group of people lobbying for something, they will be overrepresented by the media or themselves. In this case, women are quick to point out when something is sexist or against feminine roles. I feel bad for men actually because they can't say anything without fear of being labeled a bigot. They can be exploited and nothing would be done because they are 'the males and need to man up'.

Honestly, I think that there have been times women have been/are exploited. I keep in mind though that men are taken advantage of as well. If we all focused on just doing our jobs and using those that are the most capable, then there wouldn't be any problem.

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  1. In respect to this post, I wanted to say that women honestly do not wanted to be treated completely the same as men. Women say that they do, but they still expect that men should be completely chivalrous and treat them like princesses. So, ladies, I say pick one and stick with it.